Saturday, December 5, 2009

Each of us should cherish moments like this. This the first shockwaves of a massive cultural shift.

Consider these facts:

1. Stress is memetic, i.e. is contagious. When one person is stressed they give off waves of it and it travels through the car, through the room, through the population. So are other states of mind.

2. Drugs are great, but so far in our (people under 60) lives, drug use has come with an ever-present threat of horrific consequences. We all know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who's been hauled away and lost YEARS of their lives in a cold, hard concrete box ... for smoking up. Even though we resist it, we are used to marijuana being about as dangerous (artificially) as playing with a cobra. This fact has been an enormous source of stress for generations of people.

3. The artificial climate of danger surrounding pot is ending. No longer will you have to sneak past armed men who will hunt you down, take away your rights, and lock you up in a tiny room if they catch you.

4. When any mind is less stressed, new levels of creativity are opened up. Mental processes which are put on hold when in fight-or-flight mode are reactivated. Our entire view of reality is altered based on stress levels.
Think about those things together. Think of the causal chains we're embarking on. Pot legal, stoners stop being paranoid, everyone who knows a stoner knows a person who is less stressed, less in danger. Hence everyone who knows a stoner is less stressed. Average population shift: 2% less stress. Creative resources freed up to solve other problems. Relationships smooth out. Blood pressure calms down. Less defensiveness, less threatened-ness. The 18-year-old son of a biochemist stays home instead of going to prison. That biochemist cleans his lab. Someone else gets more work done because they don't spend 30 minutes looking for the HCl. Cancer gets cured. Etc etc etc.

Less stress ALL AROUND. We are at a momentous point in history. We're in the first chapter of a science fiction novel. Hop on, everyone.

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